Astha: a forum of faith at UChicago

Over thirty Hindu, Muslim, and Christian students joined together one Thursday night to have an interfaith dialogue and learning time.

A Design staff member worked with two students¬†at University of Chicago¬†(the president of the Hindu Student Sangam and an officer from the Muslim Student Association) to co-host an event called “Astha: A Forum of Faith” on Thursday, April 26. A professor from College of DuPage, Dr. Kent Richter, spoke to the students about the principles behind Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity and the bridges between the religions. He ended with a question about whether the religions really do point to the same thing, or if the differences are just interpreted within each religion’s lens.

Then each student group had a practitioner share about how to live out the faiths. A Chrisitan student shared her testimony about how Christ has changed her life. Two Hindu students and one Muslim student shared their stories of how they came to decide to follow their own religion. Many of the students who attended gave feedback about learning more about other faiths, and they really appreciated getting to hear from their peers about the practical application of what would otherwise just be some religious principles.

Watch the event below:

ASTHA video:
Dr. Richter speaks – 0:14 to 46:41
Christianity – 46:55 to 49:24
Hinduism – 49:25 to 57:49
Islam – 57:52 to 1:06:33 (end)


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