Our New Name

logo_color_TMDesign Movement is the new name of Cru’s ministry to second generation South Asian college students! We are highlighting “desi” because it refers to a person who has a South Asian background. God has made desi-background college students the way they are on purpose. In Ephesians 2:10, the Bible says we are God’s handiwork, created in advance to do good works. Understanding that God has designed second generation South Asian college students on purpose, the way He wants them to be, can be encouraging to the person who feels the pressure to be part of two cultures at the same time. It is God’s purpose that they are who they are, following after Him, entrusted with a gift, and being sent to share Jesus with others to whom they are uniquely able to reach out.

Why the new name?

   We became aware that another college ministry reaching out to second generation South Asian students also has a group called “SALT.” Through much prayer and consideration, we decided to change our name from SALT Movement to something else out of deference for the other ministry.

We engaged with involved students fall 2012 to brainstorm names, narrowed down the list, and consulted other South Asian ministry leaders and our national leadership to pick this new name.

Nothing has changed about our mission. We are still seeking to reach out to the South Asian community on campus with the desire that every student (including desi-background students) will have a relevant opportunity to know someone on campus who truly follows Jesus.


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