Our first annual conference began 10 YEARS AGO. Now, we are welcoming ALUMNI of Cornerstone/SALT/Design to join us in celebrating all that God has done!

Alums are welcome to join in all of the conference, being at the main sessions, heading out to late night Steak N Shake, and doing the Day of Outreach (But sorry, no talent show; it’s been replaced by a sweet basketball tournament!). There will be an alumni reunion dinner provided by Design staff on Saturday evening, so make sure to be there for that! If you are only able to attend part of the conference, we understand. The registration provides opportunity for you to say that you’re only attending a certain part, and you can pay for those sessions or nights at the hotel a la carte. Also, if you’d prefer to stay 2 per room, the registration page allows you to do that for an extra $55, and you can specify your roommate (But both of you will need to register and put each other!).

Invite others you know of, and use this as a chance to reconnect with any old friends from Cornerstone/SALT/Design. Anna (link to email her? avimalaj@umich.edu) is heading up alumni things, including hearing from any of you if you have a testimony you’d like to share about Design’s impact on your life or what you’re trusting God for now that would be encouraging to today’s students. Also, she can field any questions you have about attending.